Key Factors in Website Design

Web design is a key factor in the success of any website. Websites are used by many people for different purposes and that should be reflected  in a custom web design.

How the website is to be used determines how it should be designed. A well-designed website is user-friendly making it more effective. Below are some key factors to be considered when designing a website:

1. Clean and simple design

A website should not be appealing to the eyes of the visitors. Content should be displayed in an easy to read format. Your website should also be easy to navigate. A simple and well formatted website is appealing and holds the attention of the visitor as compared to a complicated website full of images and logos making the visitor unable to navigate easily. Your website should have a back-end software for easy maintenance and updates. They spend more time to read simple websites than complicated websites where he or she may not even know where to start reading.

2. Compatibility with both computer and smartphone browsers

Currently many people are using smartphones to browse, for a website to be effective it needs to be mobile friendly. The website should also be compatible with the various computer browsers available. The website should adjust it’s size as per the screen of the device used to browse.

3. Security

Websites designed for online transactions requires more security measures to protect the customer’s information. To prevent hacking SSL Certificates should be added to the website. Websites should be designed to be free from malware, virus and malicious apps that can be used by hacker to gain access to the website.

4. Loading time

Slow loading websites tends to shun away the visitors. Many people can’t wait for more than 10 seconds for a page to load. The website should be tested it’s loading speed before it’s release. It should also be regularly evaluated to check on it’s performance and improvements made where necessary.

5. Hosting

Choose a hosting package and provider that is suitable for your website. When choosing the hosting company and plan consider the traffic, security, backup, and the kind of content that will be in the website either videos, images and others. You should also consider whether you have an in-house support provider and if not go for a package where support is to be provided by the hosting company. When choosing your domain name make sure it is memorable and it reflects your brands.

6. Call to action

You can use the website as a tool for communicating with your customers. Putting a “Contact us today” button in the websites allows customers to communicate with you, they can seek for clarification or make orders using this feature.

7. Content

When designing the website you should create high quality articles. The articles posted in your website should not be duplicates of other sites. Posting copy-pasted articles and media files in your website without permission may lead to fine. Google may also remove your website from Search engine results if you are found posting contents that is not original in your website.

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